It’s Not Proactive If You Have to Ask

Are you constantly asking your IT company for help and advice? Or do you find that your team spends a lot of time following up trying to get answers to issues?

If you've ever wondered whether the IT support you are getting is proactive or reactive, here are five red flags to consider:

Monitoring — Is this the main way that the IT company identifies issues? 🚩 In reality, when an alert comes in, there is a problem you are REACTING to.

How Cyber Ready is Your Board?

It seems that every week there are headlines about how cyber criminals are trying to steal your data through phishing attacks and malware — or bribing you with ransomware in order to get your data back.

And given the startling rise in attacks in recent years, most cybersecurity experts will now tell you that it’s no longer a question of “if” but “when” your organization will get hacked.

Businesses Told to Prepare for Potential Russian Cyberattacks

As soldiers and civilians battle in the streets of Ukraine, Canadian businesses and organizations are being warned to prepare for an increased threat of Russian cyberattacks and malicious software.

The warning comes from the Communications Security Establishment, a federal government agency responsible for providing the Government of Canada with information technology security and foreign signals intelligence.

Five Ways to Protect Your Data

The last week of January is Data Privacy Week, which “underlines the importance of valuing and protecting personal information,” according to the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada (OPC). 

As a business or organization, that means understanding your responsibilities in collecting, sharing, and using personal information.