It’s Not Proactive If You Have to Ask

Are you constantly asking your IT company for help and advice? Or do you find that your team spends a lot of time following up trying to get answers to issues?

If you've ever wondered whether the IT support you are getting is proactive or reactive, here are five red flags to consider:

Monitoring — Is this the main way that the IT company identifies issues? 🚩 In reality, when an alert comes in, there is a problem you are REACTING to.

How to Improve Workflow With Microsoft Approvals in Teams

In our Business Problem Series, we tackle challenges big and small with proactive technical solutions. Today, we're talking about how to streamline approvals; how to use technology while people are working differently to improve the approval process for documents while building a better workflow.

How to Boost Productivity With Microsoft MyAnalytics

In a recent webinar, we talked about how business owners can save four hours per week per employee. But how do you use the Microsoft 365 Suite to achieve those savings?

In this video, Techify CEO and Owner Brendan Howe takes you on a tour of Microsoft's MyAnalytics and explains how to use it to optimize time and resources for you, and your employees.