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How to improve your relationship with your managed service provider

Outsourcing your IT to a managed service provider (MSP) is supposed to make your life easier. If it doesn’t, something has gone wrong. But improving your relationship with your MSP should be easy enough with one or more of these four tips.

1. Set the relationship up correctly from the beginning

Relationships are strongest when both parties know — and accept — each other’s expectations.

What is it costing you not to upgrade?

When making a business case to refresh a fleet of desktops or laptops, one number is easy to calculate: the cost of the new hardware. But, as with an iceberg, it’s the numbers under the surface that are more significant. Those hidden costs of pushing a fleet beyond its natural end-of-life increase exponentially.

Cloud or dedicated server? Where is the smart money going?

Should you be entrusting your data to the cloud or keeping it down to earth on your own servers? This is a decision facing every CIO. And it’s one they’ll be forced to justify and revisit regularly for the foreseeable future. That’s because there’s been no knock-out blow in the argument between the cloud and the in-house server.

The smart way to protect yourself from Wi-Fi hackers

Wi-Fi is a potential weak link in any network security chain. Whether your employees are using your Wi-Fi to work away from their desks or setting up at the local coffee shop, you need to have appropriate security in place.

Locking down the office

Wi-Fi routers and access points (APs) aren’t secured in the factory.

It’s time to send your employees home

When it comes to the debate about whether you can get more work done at home than in the office, the interesting divide is between those who have tried it and those who have not. An even 50 percent of those who have tried it say they are more productive at home.

Equipping for 2016

Running a business on outdated equipment is often a false economy. Slow and unreliable machines keep capital costs down but staff costs go sky high. Just ask anyone who has killed time making coffee in the 10 minutes it takes their computer to boot in the morning.

How to Prevent Automatic SPAM from Circulating

Spam accounts for over 90 % of all email today. Unsolicited, unwanted phishing, spoofing, spyware and other malware carrying emails, are not just a productivity issue, they cause serious security breaches too.

Here are a few tips to avoid having SPAM circulate through your organization and from cause data loss.