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5 Horror Stories from Network Audits of Organizations Around Toronto

Many executives approach technology with the mindset of “everything seems to be working, so we’re ok.” But if they ran their company finances that way, they would be on the way to going out of business.

Here are 5 horror stories from real experiences we’ve had where executives have told us they thought their IT setup was okay, but wanted us to check it out.

IT Cost Reduction Ideas to Increase Your Bottom Line

During this time when the economy is unpredictable and competition among companies is fierce, business owners everywhere are all looking to increase profits and cut costs. One of the best places to start is by looking at how you are currently setting up your IT infrastructure and ensuring you are taking a business approach to your IT management.

Is Your Data Safe in the Cloud?

Depending on who you ask, you might get a different answer. So, is your data really safe in the cloud?

Every day you hear a new story around cloud-based solutions being hacked and exploited (iCloud anyone??). So who do you trust to give you the truth on how to keep your data safe using cloud technology that is going to help you grow your business without the threat of dismantling it through an online security breach? It can be a dangerous place to play if you don’t have the street smarts needed to keep you safe.

How to Use Microsoft OneNote to Improve Productivity

There’s a great tool called OneNote in Microsoft Office that has the ability to improve your productivity and make your day a little easier.

Microsoft OneNote is a digital note-taking tool that works seamlessly across different devices and platforms to improve how you work and communicate with others.

How to Improve PC Performance in the Workplace

In every job there are tools needed. Whether it’s a hammer, a scalpel or a computer these tools are key to completing a task and being successful in your work.

When these tools aren’t available because they are broken or not working for some other reason, this hinders your ability to do your job.

How to Reduce IT Costs in 3 Easy Steps

Businesses and nonprofits are always looking for ways to reduce IT costs. Here are three easy steps to do exactly that.

Step 1: Don’t Own the Farm, go to the Local Grocery Store Instead

Does it make sense to invest in chickens for the purpose of laying eggs or buying a cow to produce milk? The intelligent course of action is to go to the local grocery store as needed and buy your eggs and milk from professionals and farmers who specialize in this area of production.

How to Keep Your Computer Safe and Secure

Similar to your bank account, house, car or other important things you need to keep your computer safe.

When I say safe and secure, I mean both from a physical and digital risk perspective. How do you protect your device from theft? And if the laptop or desktop is taken have you taken steps to stop the thieves from getting into your machine and accessing your files?

Protecting yourself from computer viruses is also important.