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We are issuing an urgent security warning to businesses and individuals. With many people working from home, there has been an explosion of Cyber Criminals trying to take advantage of potential holes in corporate networks.

As many of us are trying to balance work, kids at home and other interferences, there is a growing risk of distracted computer users falling victim to phishing attacks and other security intrusions.

The End is Near for Windows 7. Is Your Business at Risk?

In January 2020, Microsoft is ending support for Windows 7. Though it seems like a long way off, we are starting to see the beginning of the end.

What does that look like?

  • An increase in service requests for workstations running Windows 7
  • Less software and security updates being issued, creating vulnerabilities
  • A decrease in productivity for clients running
    Windows 7

Why Many IT RFPs Fail

We have participated in many IT RFPs and watched as the process dramatically missed the goals executives or the board intended. It’s not from a lack of desire to make the right choice or find a strong solution, but usually in how the organization views technology costs.

Get Office 365 Free for Your Non-Profit Organization

Did you know that Microsoft offers the full suite of Office 365 services for little to no cost for non-profit organizations? It’s true. This means that non-profits can take advantage of many benefits of Office 365, including:

Access to High Quality Cloud Services that many Fortune 500 companies use to move their business forward every day.