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Quick Productivity Tip

We sometimes forget that the simplest things with computers can really save time and improve productivity.

I had a great example of this today. I use the calculator on my computer all the time. I was finding I was wasting time searching for under accessories after going into the start menu.

Office 2013 is here (whether you like it or not)

Just when you thought you were finally getting everyone onto the same version of Microsoft Office, a new version is out – Microsoft Office 2013.

Why does that matter to you? Well, if you’re buying a computer today, you are almost forced to go with Office 2013. Let me explain why.

Don’t tell me you don’t have time for time management

I have a bit of a different post today. I was offered the chance to participate in the 2nd Annual International Leadership Blogathon and chose to write about time management.

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I hope you'll "have time" to let me know what you think!

Written by Brendan Howe

Your Internet Should Never Go Down

Ever had an Internet outage at your business? Read on because it should never happen.

All our businesses are so completely dependent on our Internet connections these days that if that goes down, things come to a standstill. That can cost you thousands of dollars in lost productivity, reputation and missed opportunities.

Should you stick with Blackberry?

If you currently have a Blackberry, you’re probably in one of two camps:

You’ve always used Blackberry, gotten used to it and couldn’t imagine switching to a different device.
You’re a great Canadian and loyal Blackberry user who wants to support the company to see it succeed.

When we recommend computers for our clients…

Our customers often wonder why we choose to only sell Lenovo laptops and desktops.

When I want to choose a workstation for my customer, I want to ensure they get four things from it, powerful technology, long-term reliability, a 3 year-warranty, and ultra-portability.

How often should I replace my office computers?

This is a great question, but from my reviews of numerous businesses over the years, one not asked often enough it seems.

The best practice would be to replace the computer when the warranty expires. For the corporate grade desktops or laptops we recommend, standard warranty coverage is 3 years from the date of purchase.

My Windows 8 Tablet

Well I did it to myself. After over 20 years of supporting Windows computers, one would think that diving into a brand new version of Windows – and dragging my family with me – is the last thing that I would do. But dive I did, and so far, so good.

Three Tips For Your iPhone

I've been using an iPhone for a while now and I've picked up a few tips I wanted to share as I'm sure they can help some other iPhone users as well.

Transferring photos - the iPhone 5 has a great feature that allows you to take panoramic photos with the camera.