IT Support

What to Expect From Your IT Support

The two biggest frustrations most people have with their IT support is they are slow to respond or they don’t fix things properly the first time.

That is why fast and effective IT support is critical to ensure high productivity in any organization. All staff should have a Help Desk easily available to them whether they work in a company with 20 employees or 200. To find out more about our IT approach and what makes us different request a no obligation quote today! 

Here’s The 4-step Approach We Recommend:

Step 1:

Develop an IT plan that makes sure your network is setup for success and limits potential issues.

Step 2:

Implement managed IT services to ensure an ongoing proactive approach that prevents problems. If users are overwhelmed with regular issues, a Help Desk will never be able to keep up.

Step 3:

Build out comprehensive documentation on systems and a knowledgebase of issues so a Help Desk can provide quick and effective support.

Step 4:

Implement a Help Desk team with multiple skillsets and levels of expertise to ensure even the toughest issues are handled quickly and effectively.

Some Facts about Techify’s Toronto-Based IT Support

  • Over 10,000 support requests last year
  • Average response times less than 1 hour
  • Over 80% of issues solved the same day
  • 9 technical staff and 1 full-time manager to ensure fast/effective support
  • Clients receive monthly reports detailing response/resolution times