Managed IT Services

What Are Managed IT Services?

Managed IT services are a new and much better way of doing IT. The old way is you would hire an IT company that would charge you hourly and it would essentially be the more pain you had, the more they would gain.

With managed IT services you are shifting the risk for your IT environment to an IT partner who proactively manages and supports your network at a fixed monthly cost. We believe there are three things every business needs – IT systems that work; fast and effective support; and top notch advice.

A managed services plan is the best way to achieve those results. However, there are many definitions of managed IT services amongst companies in the GTA.

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What Does Managed Services Mean to Techify?

  • To us it means we proactively monitor, manage and maintain your computer network – not act as firefighters who only reactively fix problems;
  • It means you know the state of your computer network, your hardware and software assets and you have a long-term plan that helps your business grow;
  • It means you have fast and effective help desk support remotely or onsite;
  • And it means you have an IT partner who gives you up to date advice whether it’s on cloud services, tablets or other new technologies.

What to Watch Out for With Other Managed Services Providers

  • Make sure it is really flat rate – some IT companies only provide “Level 1” support in their plans, or provide “block hours” and then charge extra. Some don’t include new computer installations or other changes to your environment.
  • Are they really proactive? – many managed services providers say they monitor and provide proactive support but don’t have the resources dedicated to do this properly.
  • How fast is their support? – providing flat rate services is difficult unless you have the experience to ensure a Help Desk has enough resources. Our average response time over the last 12 months was under 1 hour based on over 10,000 support requests.
  • Having strict best practices standards – mature managed services companies should have a long list of best practices they will implement on your network. We implement our Orange-Certified proprietary best practices that we’ve developed from over 30 years of providing IT services.