IT Services

Fewer Issues. Faster Support. Better Advice.

There are three outcomes every business should expect from their IT services:

  1. IT systems that work
  2. Fast and effective support
  3. Top notch advice to use technology effectively

When you have these three things, your IT services help your business grow. Unfortunately many businesses struggle because without these three things, your technology hurts productivity and prevents you from achieving your goals.

Businesses usually get to a point where they outgrow their IT services and infrastructure. Whether it is at 20 employees, 50 or 150, you need to have the right systems to support your business.

IT Systems that Work

  • A full IT plan from Day 1
  • 24X7 remote monitoring detects potential issues, prevents downtime
  • Weekly maintenance prevents common problems
  • A great backup and disaster recovery system protects your data
  • Orange Certified systems configuration (our secret sauce to preventing common issues)
  • Early Morning Check eliminates surprises at the start of your work day
  • Managed Security prevents viruses and security issues, provides secure & reliable remote access

Fast and Effective Support

  • Toronto-based Help Desk to remotely solve issues
  • Onsite support as needed
  • Average Help Desk response time less than an hour
  • Support for phones, tablets and computers
  • 24X7 support as needed

Top Notch Advice

  • Develop and implement a full IT plan
  • Quarterly proactive IT plan reviews
  • Consulting on IT trends, new technology
  • Purchasing advice for new hardware, software and other upgrades
  • Projects to improve IT services and prevent issues