Is Your Business Safe From Cyberattacks?

Many businesses and organizations may not understand how big of a risk they face from online threats. We see ransomware headlines almost every day, and we are all being bombarded with phishing attacks trying to fool us, or our employees. We want to help you assess your risk with a free Cybersecurity Threat Analysis. As part of this analysis, you can expect us to:
  • Review your current approach to cybersecurity and identify best practices gaps
  • Discuss with you if you are doing the 5 most critical things to prevent a cybersecurity breach
  • Conduct an external analysis to see if you are an easy target
  • Show you what cybersecurity insurance firms see when looking at your technology

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From a security standpoint, because we’re handling other people’s data, we want to know that Techify is keeping an eye on that. Having an external party weigh in on security feels good.

Steve Falk
President and Owner
Prime Data