Three Great Apps for Your Tablet

Over the weekend I was thinking about the apps I use on my iPad that I’ve found most useful for both work and play. Here are three that I would recommend if you have an iPad or Android tablet (there are versions on Google Play for all of these as well).

1. Songza – I was introduced to this one over the weekend.

Do you need 8GB of RAM in your computer?

When I quote out computers to my clients, I ensure that they always have at least 8GB of RAM in their desktops or laptops. Several of my clients have wondered about this practice at TDCNet. I wanted to explain the reasoning behind our recommendation.

As applications get more and more advanced, they need more and more memory and resources in order to function efficiently.

Three Tips For Your iPhone

I've been using an iPhone for a while now and I've picked up a few tips I wanted to share as I'm sure they can help some other iPhone users as well.

Transferring photos - the iPhone 5 has a great feature that allows you to take panoramic photos with the camera.

Are You Using Online Video To Reduce Travel Costs?

I had a great conversation with a lawyer at a lunch yesterday. He works for Cassels Brock & Blackwell and regularly uses Skype to interview witnesses to prepare for hearings.

He was telling me that he used to fly to different parts of Canada to do this but now he saves the cost and hassle of travelling and uses Skype instead, which is free.