How Microsoft Security Threats Can Affect the Cloud

More and more businesses are looking to save costs and move their systems to the cloud. This includes everything from email to lines of business. This is where the world is going and it makes sense from a mobility and cost saving point of view, but with everything new there come new risks that must be considered and prepared for.

How Your Day Will Change with Office 365

We get asked all the time, how will things be different when someone is using Office 365? Well, here’s what your day could look like if you take advantage of Cloud-based email.

After getting ready in the morning…

You look at your calendar on your mobile phone or tablet to see what you have scheduled today.

Office 365 is the Same as Exchange, But Better

Most businesses today are familiar with Microsoft Exchange and all of the benefits that come with it. The problem is most businesses are also worried about change and never want to leave what they know, which is stopping them from moving to a cloud-based email system such as Office 365.

When we sit down with clients to discuss the opportunity available to them by using Office 365 and all of the benefits that come with this solution the first thing they say is that they don’t want, can’t or are scared to learn a new system.

Advantages of Cloud Computing with Office 365

In my career I have been exposed to a wide range of software solutions for common business challenges with programs like ACT, Maximizer or Goldmine being selected and installed within the network. Other businesses have developed arrays of spreadsheets and/or local database applications to handle these tasks.

Six Ways An Office 365 Move Can go Horribly Wrong

Organizations big and small are quickly migrating their email to Microsoft’s Office 365 to take advantage of the many benefits of Cloud-hosted email. An Office 365 migration is a big move however and should not be taken lightly or you could experience IT problems for weeks or even months afterwards.

How to Edit PDFs Using Microsoft Word

I discovered something interesting the other day that I didn’t know. You can edit PDFs using Microsoft Word.

There are many people out there who don’t know about this and are paying extra money to buy software they do not need. The most common thing people will do to edit PDFs is buy Adobe Acrobat because the free Adobe Reader software only allows you to view PDFs, not edit them.