How to Boost Productivity With Microsoft MyAnalytics

In a recent webinar, we talked about how business owners can save four hours per week per employee. But how do you use the Microsoft 365 Suite to achieve those savings?

In this video, Techify CEO and Owner Brendan Howe takes you on a tour of Microsoft's MyAnalytics and explains how to use it to optimize time and resources for you, and your employees.

Server Virtualization & Improving IT Services

One of the technology concepts we have the most trouble explaining is server virtualization. It is contrary to how most people envision technology works and as a result we spend more time explaining it.

Discussing server virtualization is well worth the effort because from an IT point of view, there are HUGE opportunities to reduce costs and improve performance of your technology assets.

How to Sign PDF Documents on a Tablet or Smartphone

I was in a hotel room last weekend and used a tablet to sign a PDF document so that I could quickly send it back to the person who needed it. It took me less than five minutes so I wanted to share it with you.

Have You Needed to Sign Something Outside the Office Before?

I have had this issue many times where I’ve been at a hotel or conference (or even on vacation) and I’ve needed to sign a document.

Windows 8.1 Problems & Compatibility Issues

I was watching Hawaii Five-0 the other day (one of my guilty pleasures) and smiled at the Windows 8.1 product placements. Microsoft clearly wants to create the demand for computer users to upgrade to Windows 8.1.

If you have a Surface or other type of tablet, using Windows 8.1 is a big adjustment but there are some strong cloud integrations and other tablet-friendly improvements.