How Tech Can Support a Safer Return to the Office

Whether you’re looking to create a hybrid work opportunity for your employees, or you expect all staff to return to the office full-time, it’s important to consider how to plan for a safe transition this fall.

At Techify, we always advise our clients to consider three key areas: technology, productivity and cybersecurity.

Data Backup: Three Ways Your Staff Can Ruin Your Backup Strategy

Let’s say you have intelligently focused on ensuring your business has a strong data backup and disaster recovery plan. All your files, applications and servers are being backed up and you feel good about things.

If you are really on the ball, you have your data backup tested regularly so that you know your important files and applications will be available when you need them.

Do you need 8GB of RAM in your computer?

When I quote out computers to my clients, I ensure that they always have at least 8GB of RAM in their desktops or laptops. Several of my clients have wondered about this practice at TDCNet. I wanted to explain the reasoning behind our recommendation.

As applications get more and more advanced, they need more and more memory and resources in order to function efficiently.