Outsource the Stuff That is Not Core to Your Business

Look around your office. Assuming you are not a Law or Accounting firm, do you have an in-house lawyer or accountant? I expect that for most of you the answer to this question is no. These are business functions that do not require an in-house expert but are instead outsourced to individuals or firms outside your business that specialise in these areas.

Where Does My Data Go? A Beginner’s Guide to Cloud Computing

There’s this fantastic thing called “The Cloud” that we all keep hearing about online and in commercials. It usually sounds like this amazing entity that can do wonderful things to make your life and business better.

But where does your data really go?

The simple answer is that it’s on a server that instead of being in your office, is in a datacentre somewhere.

Cloud Computing: Three Big Myths

As many businesses look at new ways to increase profit and lower costs the discussion of Cloud computing is often brought forward as a way to do both. The term “the Cloud” can be a scary one to those who don’t understand what it truly means so let’s clear up some of the more common myths.