The Next Step in Blackberry’s Resurrection?

There’s good news this week for long-suffering Blackberry users who haven’t yet upgraded to the new Blackberry – a new model with a keyboard will be out by the end of the month.

I have spoken to many Blackberry users who are loyal to the once-popular Canadian device but haven’t yet upgraded because they’re either locked into a contract or they want to have the device with a keyboard.

Should you stick with Blackberry?

If you currently have a Blackberry, you’re probably in one of two camps:

You’ve always used Blackberry, gotten used to it and couldn’t imagine switching to a different device.
You’re a great Canadian and loyal Blackberry user who wants to support the company to see it succeed.

The Beginning Of The End For My Blackberry

I know there are still lots of people out there like me... I speak with them every week.

People who are patiently waiting, hoping for a Blackberry renaissance. Hoping that the Canadian company we have supported for so long will somehow find its way again and start coming out with devices that are ones to talk about, instead of just adding a few new features that try to play catch up to the iPhone.