5 Tips For World Backup Day

March 31st is World Backup Day, and a great annual reminder to back up your software, systems, and hardware. Why is it so important? Here are some stats from WorldBackupDay.com:

30% of people have never backed up data
113 phones are lost or stolen every minute (think of all of that lost data!)
One in 10 personal computers are infected with a virus every month

So to help you with World Backup Day, we are sharing five important tips:

Tip 1: Back Up Your Mobile Devices

Make sure that mobile device that you’re carrying around is backed up.

8 Tips to Achieve the Best Backup Service in 2015

There are no shortage of things that can add stress as we get closer to the holidays. One thing that shouldn’t be causing you stress, however, is your backup and disaster recovery plan.

As a business owner or executive, there are eight things you should have in place to give you the peace of mind that your critical data is protected, no matter what happens.

Data Backup: Three Ways Your Staff Can Ruin Your Backup Strategy

Let’s say you have intelligently focused on ensuring your business has a strong data backup and disaster recovery plan. All your files, applications and servers are being backed up and you feel good about things.

If you are really on the ball, you have your data backup tested regularly so that you know your important files and applications will be available when you need them.