The Best Virus Protection for Small Business is a Layered Approach

Its cold out and you are going for a walk. How many pairs of socks should you put on under your winter boots, one, two, three?

Most people would agree that at some point adding more layers of the same item pays diminishing returns. So why is it that we often find multiple antivirus programs installed on a single computer? If effectively walking with 3 layers of socks inside your boots is difficult, imagine how hard your computer needs to work to power through the workload that multiple antivirus utilities add.

Office 365 for Charities is Now Free

That’s not a typo in the headline. If you’re running a not for profit organization that is a registered charity, you now have a huge opportunity to use Office 365 to improve your IT infrastructure. Office 365 for charities is now free.

Microsoft has announced it will be providing Office 365 for free to charities.

Protect Yourself Against Risk with your Network Backup

With the recent Toronto storm, your network backup, business continuity and disaster recovery plan is something you should definitely revisit.

The most important thing any IT person or company can do for you is to protect your data. If you have a strong backup, disaster recovery and business continuity plan, then you can feel safe the long term interests of your business will be protected no matter what happens.

The Most Important Things About a UPS

One of the best practices we insist on with clients is having a UPS device protecting their critical servers and network devices.

What is a UPS? UPS stands for Uninterruptible Power Supply.
It performs two critical functions:

Protects servers, network equipment and computers against power surges or blips which can damage hardware
Protects servers and computers in the event of a power outage by gracefully shutting them down.

A Lube, Oil and Filter for Your Network

Think for a moment about why you take your car in for routine maintenance. You know that if you don't get the oil and filters changed and a few fluids topped up that your car is going to have problems.

They may not happen right away but the longer you neglect your car, the more risk there is that something will go terribly wrong.

Fewer Computers and More Tablets Being Bought this Year

2013 could be the year many people forget about their home computer and spend most of their time on a tablet device, according to a new survey by Gartner Inc.

On the corporate side, we’re seeing more tablets being used in offices across the GTA in addition to work PCs, however this study predicts that at home, consumers will be getting rid of their PCs altogether.