How Tech Can Support a Safer Return to the Office

How Tech Can Support a Safer Return to the Office

Whether you’re looking to create a hybrid work opportunity for your employees, or you expect all staff to return to the office full-time, it’s important to consider how to plan for a safe transition this fall.

At Techify, we always advise our clients to consider three key areas: technology, productivity and cybersecurity. These three elements are part of our Intelligent Technology Roadmap, which helps organizations create a strong, sustainable plan for their future.

As we look towards a new reality of work in the fall, it’s important to look at those three key elements through the lens of the pandemic.

Here are some of our recommendations, including best practices that we’ll be implementing in Techify’s office. These also align with the measures outlined by the City of Toronto’s COVID-19 Guidance: Employers, Workplaces & Businesses.

Create safer spaces for staff

  • Ensure computer stations are distanced according to Ontario Public Health recommendations
  • Outfit meeting rooms for video conferencing to make it easier to host virtual chats
  • Create spaces for hotelling desks and stations that are socially distanced and regularly sanitized
  • Provide free masks for staff who may forget to bring theirs to the office, as well as ready access to hand sanitizer

Reduce the need for in-person and/or group interactions

Protect your employees, and your business, from cybersecurity risks

  • Implement Multi-Factor Authentication so that staff signing in from any location have an added layer of security
  • Aim to hit 80% on your Microsoft Secure Score so that you know your networks have a high level of protection
  • Create a proactive security process. That plan should be written down, and you should practice going through each of the steps as part of a simulation.

We would be happy to help support your business during this transition period. Contact us to learn more about how we can help, or to book an assessment.

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