How to Improve Workflow With Microsoft Approvals in Teams

How to Improve Workflow With Microsoft Approvals in Teams

In our Business Problem Series, we tackle challenges big and small with proactive technical solutions. Today, we're talking about how to streamline approvals; how to use technology while people are working differently to improve the approval process for documents while building a better workflow.

The Problem

When the pandemic hit, many companies started using Microsoft Teams, but at a very basic level — perhaps to host online meetings, or for chat posts. But as one lockdown followed another, many businesses started to face increasing challenges around document approval in this new “work from anywhere” reality.

 The Solution

What if there was an opportunity to improve workflow around document approvals without sending multiple emails, or having to make several phone calls to check the status of the approvals? There is.

Within Microsoft Teams, you have access to a new service called Microsoft Approvals, which allows you to create, manage and share approvals on documents. You can kick off the approval process from a chat, a channel conversation, or within the Approvals app itself. You can also track and manage your approvals, and maintain all approvals in one place.

In this video, Techify Owner and CEO Brendan Howe takes you on a tour of Microsoft Approvals and provides a hands-on example of how it can improve workflow around document approvals, and start saving you time – and money.

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