Building a Tech Roadmap — Part 3: Productivity

Building a Tech Roadmap — Part 3: Productivity

In our Business Problem Series, we tackle issues large and small with proactive technical solutions. Today we're talking about Part Three of a technology roadmap: Productivity.

The Problem

We often hear from business leaders who feel that they don't have a  strong roadmap; they don't have a strong technology strategy, and they're falling behind.

Without a productivity roadmap, there are no specific initiatives being implemented quarter after quarter to improve on productivity. And what does that mean? It means a lot of businesses have more people than they need.

There's more people in the back end of their operation because of manual process, because of duplication, because of too much paper. Or maybe they're not taking advantage of the opportunities that they could be taking advantage of because technology is not being used effectively.

They're essentially paying more for technology and getting less. What about paying the same and getting a whole lot more? That's what we want to try and do from technology — we want to get more out of our technology investments.

The Solution

When you put in place a strong productivity roadmap, that can save your business four hours per employee — or more. Imagine that for every 10 employees you saved four hours per week. That’s 40 hours that could be redeployed to support your business.

How do you do it? There are various technologies in the Microsoft 365 suite that you can optimize. Are you using the applications to their fullest extent? There's so many opportunities that you can eliminate paper and eliminate manual processes.

Or perhaps you need to integrate your ERP systems, or make sure the accounting systems are talking to other parts of your operation.

These are just a few initiatives that you can look at every quarter to help improve the productivity of your business. There are huge opportunities to automate a lot of processes that people do day after day, over and over again.

That all comes with a strong productivity roadmap. That's how you go from reactive  IT to Intelligent Technology.

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