Getting Rid of Paper: Business Problem Series

Getting Rid of Paper: Business Problem Series

In our Business Problem Series, we tackle challenges big and small with proactive technical solutions. Today, we’re talking about getting rid of paper.

The Problem

Paper is not technology. Paper is exactly the absence of technology, and this is why we need a technology strategy. We all get frustrated when we see paper-based processes in our business. It could be expense reports, accounting information, meeting notes, performance review evaluation processes.

There are any number of things that we see in our businesses that are paper based. And that should be a trigger for us. When we see anything that's paper-based, it should be a sign that we're paying more for salaries, labor costs — one of the biggest costs that most of us have.

We're paying more and we're getting less.

The Solution

So here's what we suggest — and here's what a lot of businesses are doing this year — they're making it a priority to get rid of paper processes and starting to look at applications.

It doesn't necessarily mean that you have to implement a whole new application or an expensive initiative. Sometimes people have existing ERP systems that they can just start to use a little bit better.

We're helping a lot of people take the Microsoft software services they're already paying for and better utilize tools like Forms, Power BI, or using Sharepoint for collaboration. If you get a little bit more advanced you can get into things like Flow and Power Automate.

But the most important thing is that you look at this and say, okay, we're going to make a commitment to get rid of paper and manual processes.

Let's road map it out. What's the low-hanging fruit? What can we do quickly? Maybe there's some bigger things that you put into that four to five year outlook. But that 12-month roadmap should have clear initiatives that you can take this year in 2021 to reduce the amount of paper in your business, drive up that efficiency, productivity, and either achieve more or reduce costs because you're better using technology.

This is how you create strong technology strategy, and how you move away from reactive IT to Intelligent Technology.

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