Business Problem Series: Stopping Hackers From Impersonating Your CEO

With so many people working remotely, employees all over are getting tricked by what are referred to as “whaling” emails, where a hacker pretends to be the CEO or CFO of your organization.

Under this guise, the hackers can sometimes trick employees into buying a few hundred dollars in gift cards, or transferring or wiring thousands of dollars to a hacker's bank account.

This type of attack can throw a business off. It can cost you hours – or even days – of time. And it can cost you lots of money in lost revenue and employee hours.

And hackers are getting smarter. They're getting better at what they do, and taking advantage of the fact that with people working from home, where dealing with the dog, kids and any other number of things makes it harder to focus. This also makes it more likely that people are going to fall for this sort of thing.

What happens is many people in the IT industry say you just have to educate your users. You've got to tell people to be careful. And while that's important, that's part of the solution. That's not the only solution.

There's more you can do to protect your company. Check out this video to find out what we recommend to our clients.