Business Problem Series: Concurrent Collaboration

In our Business Problem Series, we tackle challenges big and small with proactive technical solutions. Today we're talking about sharing documents and working on the same file at the same time.

So here's a common business problem: In the old way of doing things — when people worked on a file, it would be saved to a file server. One person would work on it and then email it around to get some feedback. It would get emailed back. There would be multiple versions of a file, and it was hard to tell what the most updated version was. This process is inefficient and clogs up your inbox. But you can't really avoid it if you have that sort of old-fashioned file server type of approach.

But here’s a solution

If you're on the Office 365 Cloud you can enable collaboration. And as all of us are working more and more from different locations — whether remotely or sometimes in the office, or a mix of in between — it really enables all of our staff to work a lot better, together.

You deserve better than the usual reactive approach to IT. We think you deserve Intelligent Technology.

Watch the video below to learn more.