Business Problem Series: What Webinar Software Should You Use

We have clients come to us all the time and ask us about how to market. They’ll say, ‘We need to reach a lot of people. But we're not really sure what software to use and software is changing all the time.'

Many businesses struggle with creating events. They use a clunky software that is not very user friendly. It's tough for the people that are joining the event. It's tough for the people that are running the event. And they don't get good results.

Sometimes instead of even improving their brand image it diminishes it.So how do you choose? Here are some key criteria you’ll want to look at.

Ease of Use for Presenters and Participants
Simple, turnkey registration and set-up.

Functionality Including Polls
Engage Participants and get instant feedback.

Ability For Multiple Presenters
Sharing of screens and ease to switch back and forth between presenters.

Recording Capability
Share the webinar with those that cannot attend.

Hiding Participant List and Control Over Participant Actions
Keep attendee total private and limit participants being able to unmute etc.

Q&A Options
Allowing participants to ask questions in the chat or live.

Find out the metrics like participant engagement, attendee numbers etc.