Techify Becomes Lenovo Warranty Authorized to Serve Clients Better

We are pleased to announce that Techify is now a Lenovo Authorized Warranty Service Provider and can directly service warranty claims for Lenovo desktops, notebooks, tablets and servers.

Techify received the authorization after an extensive training and an application process with Lenovo.

Warranty Authorization Saves our Clients Time and Reduces Risk

We invested in becoming Lenovo warranty authorized so that we can improve service to our clients to save them time and reduce risk for the products they use. In the past, when a Lenovo computer or server had a hardware failure, Techify would contact a Lenovo warranty provider on the client’s behalf and troubleshoot the problem.

While this process ultimately fixed the problem, we didn’t see why there needed to be an additional party and an additional wait involved. When we provide the warranty service directly, it is faster and more effective. This ultimately benefits our clients resulting in less downtime and getting them back to work faster.

How It Works

When a Techify client has a computer or server issue, they currently call us to for support. That will continue. Most of our clients are using Lenovo hardware so we will be able to troubleshoot and resolve those issues with direct access to warranty parts and escalations when needed with Lenovo.

This service is only available to Techify clients and we are not making it available to the general public.

When a Lenovo computer or server is under warranty, there are no extra charges for replacement parts and service to fix an issue.

The Results

Almost eight years ago we standardized on Lenovo computers and servers (which used to be IBM-branded). That has given our company a unique knowledge, understanding and experience in dealing with the world’s PC market leader.

At the end of the day, this allows us to deliver better advice and ensure our clients deal with fewer technical problems. It is a key part of how we save our clients time and reduce risk with better IT support!

Please feel free to contact us for more information.