Is Your Business Part of the 20%?

Is Your Business Part of the 20%?

Microsoft reported recently that 20 percent of Canadian small and medium-sized businesses are using new Cloud-based productivity software that is better enabling their staff to achieve business goals.

That 20 percent isn’t on the bleeding edge of technology; they are leading with it and establishing a strong competitive advantage in their market place. Here’s what those businesses look like:

• They spend less on IT equipment yet their risk of downtime is much lower
• Their employees can work remotely and on mobile devices much easier
• They can deploy new software solutions to accommodate business changes in days not months or years
• Their technology works better and they spend less time dealing with problems

What’s this 20% Doing?

This 20 percent of SMBs are using Microsoft’s Cloud services, particularly Office 365 which is now a mature service for Cloud-based email and productivity applications.
Over 50 percent of our client base are now using some form of Office 365 to improve IT performance, flexibility, reduce risk and manage costs. We use Microsoft Cloud services to improve mobility, productivity and uptime for our operation.

When is it Time to Join the 20%?

If you’re running a SMB or non-profit, here are some symptoms that show you need to look to Microsoft Cloud services:

• You have frequent email functionality issues or downtime
• Your server(s) need to be replaced and you are looking to buy less hardware
• Email, calendar and contacts do not sync properly across mobile devices
• Staff work remotely and are not as productive or connected to the office when outside
• It seems like every computer has a different version of Microsoft Office and it causes productivity issues
• You are in a competitive space and believe better technology can help you succeed

Right now it may be 20 percent of SMBs using Microsoft Cloud services but it won’t be long before it’s a majority. Cloud computing is moving quickly and you don’t want to get left behind.

Call us today and say “I want to join the 20 percent!”