5 Horror Stories from Network Audits of Organizations Around Toronto

Many executives approach technology with the mindset of “everything seems to be working, so we’re ok.” But if they ran their company finances that way, they would be on the way to going out of business.

Here are 5 horror stories from real experiences we’ve had where executives have told us they thought their IT setup was okay, but wanted us to check it out.

1. Backup, what backup?

One business told us their backups were working and their data was protected. They double-checked with their IT company who told them “yes, your backups are working.”/p>

We logged onto their server and the backups hadn’t run in two months and no one noticed there was a problem. When we told the company, they approached their supplier who again confirmed the backups were working. We logged back onto the server and the company had fixed the issue but didn’t admit there was a problem.

2. Swiss Cheese Security

A large non-profit organization had us come in and look at their setup. They believed network security was reasonable, but weren’t sure. The reality was much different.

They didn’t even have a firewall protecting their network and they lacked other key security measures like anti-virus and updated security patches. The chances of a security breach from a hacker, viruses or malware was huge.

3. Don’t Open Up that Door

Several businesses that have asked us to come in weren’t really sure what was behind the door to their server room or they hadn’t looked lately. We opened up the door and it was a complete mess of cables everywhere, things hanging off shelves and a disaster to try to sort through.

A messy server room isn’t just an aesthetic issue, it can cause downtime, slow troubleshooting and even security issues.

4. Our Server Isn’t That Old…

One business told us their server equipment wasn’t very old and was running reasonably well. We took a look and were surprised it was even still running. It was 8 years old!

The normal lifespan for a server is four years. Beyond that, hard drives and other components start to fail, risking downtime and costly data loss. This company was pushing the limits and risking total disaster.

5. Relationship Status with IT: It’s Complicated

Sometimes having internal IT staff without proper supervision can lead to things getting out of hand. Many businesses with less than 100 employees operate on 2 or 3 servers. One organization we went into had 20 employees and almost 60 servers!

The complexity and cost of their IT systems were completely out of control. The hardware and software costs alone were huge, not to mention backup licensing, maintenance and support charges.

If you want to make sure you aren’t overseeing a potential disaster, please give us a call and we’ll come in and do a full network audit.