3 Reasons You Need a Network Audit Even if You Love Your IT Guy

What is a Network Audit? In Layman's terms, a Network Audit is a health report of your company's IT infrastructure.
What a Network Audit is Not

A Network Audit is not the same as a Microsoft Software Compliance Audit. A Network Audit is a top, down and inside out audit of your IT setup. A Microsoft Software Compliance Audit's only purpose is to focus on software. It simply is not sophisticated or detailed enough to provide you with a thorough IT health analysis on security, reveal vulnerabilities to hackers, or tell you if your backup is working properly or not.

Three Reasons Why You Need a Third Party Network Audit

1. If you don't have a plan, plan to fail

If you don't know how much your IT is going to cost you 6 months or even two years from now, then plan to dig into company profits to pay for things that weren't budgeted for. Technology represents a large cost in any business. If you are an organization that is spending on IT only when something breaks, there is a huge missing piece in your IT plan.

2. A blueprint isn't enough

Imagine starting construction on a new property without an expert, such as architect, to design the building. Most people would not start building without those plans and it is similar with your IT infrastructure. Your plans will ensure you build with structural integrity and don’t violate any zoning or code regulations.

3. The expert is failing to provide you with proper advice.

Just because you pay for your insurance each month on time does not equate to peace of mind. Most people don’t realize the pitfalls of poor insurance policies until they need to make a claim. This can be alleviated by taking the time to check-in every 6-12 months to make sure the policy is in alignment with your expectations. I give this boring example because we all know or have heard of someone who went through an insurance nightmare.

This is no different in comparison how most organizations treat their backups, hardware functionality or vulnerability to security threats. Just because there is an expert who gets paid to do backups and install the software to protect your data doesn't mean that it's actually working properly. In fact, the number 1 issue revealed in the hundreds of Network Audit's we've done has been that backups are not working. Click here to read some real horror stories.

A simple solution to eliminate unplanned IT spending is to understand the threats out there and some simple ways you can better protect your organization. For fewer issues and faster support click here, to learn if your Company qualifies for a Network Audit.