IT Cost Reduction Ideas to Increase Your Bottom Line

During this time when the economy is unpredictable and competition among companies is fierce, business owners everywhere are all looking to increase profits and cut costs. One of the best places to start is by looking at how you are currently setting up your IT infrastructure and ensuring you are taking a business approach to your IT management. Here are a few different approaches to take that will help you on your journey to IT cost reduction.

Business Operations and Efficiency

Depending on the size of your company and what industry your business is in, with the help of a reputable managed services provider, you can build an IT set up that will allow your organization to operate more efficiently. An example of this would be if you have sales people who work remotely. You would want to ensure that your remote workforce still has the same access to all the tools and resources otherwise only available to them within the physical office.

Most Profitable Tasks

It is important that you identify which tasks are the most profitable within your organization. Make sure your technology is supporting these tasks in a way that will allow you to streamline the process and eliminate common IT related problems.

Emailing, calendar syncing and data backup should not hinder your best employees from helping your organization to become more profitable and effective.

How is Technology Currently Being Used

Many companies may feel that they are utilizing technology effectively and efficiently, but when a deep dive is taken into their IT infrastructure, we find that some employees will develop their own methods and create more “admin work” for themselves because they are trying to get around IT hurdles.

This includes simple things like saving the same document in multiple locations or excessively emailing documents versus having shared locations where anyone in the organization can access the information. It also includes effective use of cloud technology.

Proactive Approach vs Reactive Approach

This is the most common issue and the biggest cost to the business. When your employees have an IT problem, they will contact the IT person to resolve it. While the issue is getting fixed, your employee is stuck on the sideline, being unproductive. If you have 30 employees who make $30/per hour and they lose 3 hours per week due to IT issues, that could cost your business $10,800/month in lost productivity. A proactive approach, such as IT outsourcing, can eliminate many common IT issues, reducing downtime and dramatically boosting productivity.