How Your Day Will Change with Office 365

How Your Day Will Change with Office 365

We get asked all the time, how will things be different when someone is using Office 365? Well, here’s what your day could look like if you take advantage of Cloud-based email.

After getting ready in the morning…

You look at your calendar on your mobile phone or tablet to see what you have scheduled today. You don’t worry that there are items missing from your calendar because it is properly synced between your computer and mobile devices.

You notice when checking your email that an important client has asked for a change to a document you sent yesterday. Instead of waiting until you get to the office, you pull up the document on your tablet, using the mobile version of Microsoft Word (which comes with Office 365) and make the change quickly and send it off, impressing the client with your responsiveness.

When you arrive at work…

You turn on your computer and the emails you already read and deleted that morning are marked read or deleted on your computer, saving you time from doing the same thing all over again.

You get an instant message through Lync that your first meeting of the day is in the lobby waiting for you which reminds you that you needed a critical piece of information before you meet with that person. You send an instant message through Lync to one of your staff who is working remotely and you get the answer right away, ensuring you are prepared and effective for your meeting.


A new employee has started. In order to get them up to speed, your staff are directing them to HR forms, training and other guides that are easily available on your company SharePoint site, hosted with Office 365.

Later on that day…

The power goes out in your office because of some neighbourhood power issues. Instead of your email going down, everyone is able to continue sending and receiving emails on their mobile devices because your email is hosted offsite, unaffected by any power or internet issues in your office. If the outage is extended, people can just go home and work.

Late afternoon…

You attend a meeting offsite at a client’s office. You take your laptop with you and connect to their wireless internet. Your email, calendar and contacts all connect easily and you don’t need to worry about fumbling around with establishing a VPN connection.

Does this sound good?

There are many other benefits to Office 365, including simplifying your IT infrastructure. Hopefully the above gives you an idea of how it can change your work day.

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