Outsource the Stuff That is Not Core to Your Business

Outsource the Stuff That is Not Core to Your Business

Look around your office. Assuming you are not a Law or Accounting firm, do you have an in-house lawyer or accountant? I expect that for most of you the answer to this question is no. These are business functions that do not require an in-house expert but are instead outsourced to individuals or firms outside your business that specialise in these areas.

Now look around again. Is one of your best employees crawling around under a desk banging on a computer trying to get another employee back to work? Is your receptionist collecting tapes or taking hard drives home so that you have an off-site copy of your backup? Do you log into the server to change passwords when people forget them or answer basic questions about how to print or do something in Excel?

What is wrong with this picture?

If any of the above scenarios ring familiar, the question you need to ask is what do these tasks have to do with servicing your customers or clients? While it may seem like it is the best solution to be your own IT person, would your time not be better spent working with your sales team to close new business, hitting the golf course for 9 holes or even better, getting home in time for dinner with your family?

How much more productive might your bookkeeper, office admin or other valuable employee be if they did not need to spend time dealing with IT problems?

IT systems are an integral part of all businesses today. While they have been getting smaller and more compact, the complexity has increased. Paper has given away to digital documents that live not in fire-proof steel cabinets but instead exist on hardware prone to failure and exposed to human error. The rise of mobile and cloud computing have brought with them additional concerns about security and privacy that require specialised expertise.

The solution

Much like lawyers and accountants, managing your IT systems and infrastructure no longer require in-house staff or personnel and the HR costs and concerns that come with them. Unlike legal opinions or completing year end returns however, ensuring a smooth running, problem free IT infrastructure needs constant care and attention in the form of proactive and preventative maintenance.

A qualified Managed Service Provider, much like a law firm, can leverage specialised software and systems along with the vast expertise of their team of technicians to ensure that your computer systems are safe, secure and well supported allowing you to focus on what you do best… growing your business.