Office 365 is the Same as Exchange, But Better

Office 365 is the Same as Exchange, But Better

Most businesses today are familiar with Microsoft Exchange and all of the benefits that come with it. The problem is most businesses are also worried about change and never want to leave what they know, which is stopping them from moving to a cloud-based email system such as Office 365.

When we sit down with clients to discuss the opportunity available to them by using Office 365 and all of the benefits that come with this solution the first thing they say is that they don’t want, can’t or are scared to learn a new system. And when they say this our response is simple: you won’t have to.

How Office 365 is the Same but Better

Outlook on Office 365 offers the same process and system as an onsite Exchange server would, only you aren’t worrying about the cost of new equipment and downtime or loss of emails because Microsoft has that covered.

Sure, if you are using an older version of the Office suite like 2007 or older, the screen layout might be a bit different and maybe some of the buttons have moved, but it’s still Microsoft Outlook, just better. And you will always have the most update version without having to worry about buying a new license every few years and installing it and all of the hassles that can come with that.

Do You Want Batman or Robin?

With Office 365 you will be getting all of the same tools you know and love and more. It’s like having Robin and then getting Batman. Robin was good but Batman has the car and the utility belt and can do a lot more. And let’s be honest – nobody wants Robin when Batman is available.

Your email will be sent the same way, except you can access it anywhere there is internet without worrying about a VPN connection or security set up on another computer like in a hotel business centre for example.

You can still update your calendar the same way except it will improve syncing with smart phones and tablets.

You will still have the Office suite like Word and Excel, but can have it available locally or on the web version and make updates or review documents on the go.

If you are Mac user, Office 365 will work exactly the same for you as it does on a PC including the entire Office suite so there are no issues with formatting.

At the end of the day the only thing that will change is how much more productive you will be. So for your business do the right thing and don’t be Robin anymore.