What Your IT Person SHOULD be Doing for You

What Your IT Person SHOULD be Doing for You

How much of your business day do you spend working on servicing your customers and growing your business. How much of each business day do you expect your employees to do the same?

Like most people I suspect that much of your day is spent using a computer or mobile device to work on documents, communicate and otherwise complete critical day to day tasks. Have you ever been frustrated by some of the tools and business systems you rely on and wondered if there is a better way, perhaps this cloud computing thing everyone is speaking about?

The Problem

If you are like most business owners, you turn to your IT professional for advice and direction on how to improve your information systems in order to improve workflow, roll out new functionality, improve productivity and reduce costs. The problem you likely have run into is that while there are many ideas to better your systems, the time to research, plan and deploy these solutions is often impossible to find meaning that improvements are few and far between.

It is our experience that internal IT people tend to become bogged down in the reactive side of supporting a business. Assisting users with problems, updating systems, troubleshooting email or Internet problems and other tasks quickly take priority and days quickly fill up leaving little to no time for business oriented projects. Should your IT person focus exclusively on project work, IT related problems generally increase, important tasks such as backup monitoring may be missed, and productivity is reduced.

The Better Way

Your IT person should be spending their time, like you and your other employees, on work that feeds into improving your competitive advantage as a business. Their focus should be on improving the ability to deliver your product or service, researching and planning enhancements to your business level tools and applications.

Your in-house IT person knows and understands your business workflow and should be driving improvement by taking time to complete training, work with vendors and consulting with industry groups and peers to ensure that your business remains competitive and is able to grow. As a reward for all this success, your IT person should be able to take a well-deserved vacation without the worry that things will fall apart.

The Solution

Freeing your IT professional from the maintenance, updating and day to day end user help is easily achieved by outsourcing your basic support needs to a qualified Managed Service Provider. In addition to quickly resolving those little problems that always tend to crop up at the worst possible time, IT outsourcing support adds a layer of network management, monitoring and proactive maintenance that will improve system performance and prevent problems in the first place.

Since your support will now be supplied with a varied and widely experienced team, system level knowledge gaps are eliminated and problems are solved quickly. Coverage during vacation time and extended hours of support are additional benefits.

Your IT person should be focused, like all other members of your team, on driving your business forward. Free them from the weeds of day to day computer support today.