Common Network Flaws That Lead to Data Loss

Common Network Flaws That Lead to Data Loss

Data loss is one of the worst things that can happen to a business. The information you store on your servers is so important to your future success that it is critical you proactively take the steps to avoid common network flaws that lead to data loss.

There are so many threats out there to your data that it’s hard to keep up. It is important that you have a strong IT plan, and experts to implement that plan and provide you with ongoing advice.

Here are the most common network flaws that you will want to avoid:

Weak backup systems – your backup is your most important line of defence against data loss. You must have onsite and offsite backups using strong backup software to protect your business in the event of any kind of issue, whether it’s hardware failure, software corruption, human error, fire, flood or other disaster.

Swiss Cheese Network Firewall – a firewall is supposed to block dangerous traffic from coming onto your network and secure you against mistakes by individual users. Many firewalls are poorly configured and maintained, leading them to be the IT equivalent of Swiss cheese security. This vulnerability can lead to data theft and loss from many different sources.

Multi-layer Anti-Virus Protection – many viruses, especially new ransomware, can wreak havoc on your data and do permanent damage. Many businesses don’t have proper multi-layer anti-virus security through firewall, desktop anti-virus and anti-spam measures.

Lack of User Education – the biggest security risk on any network is human error or negligence. We’ve seen data loss frequently take place because someone opens up an attachment or clicks a link they shouldn’t. Everyone should know better by now! But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t regularly train your staff.

Poor Network Management and Maintenance – your IT systems are like your car, in order for them to keep running effectively and securely, they need to be properly managed and maintained. Data loss comes often from neglect of security updates, not testing the backup system or general mismanagement of IT systems. Get an expert in who can help you effectively!

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