How Important is your Email? Check If Your Email System is Outdated

If you are like me, email is a major part of your day to day life. Communications from clients and business partners, messages from staff and coworkers and even email from family reminding you to pick up takeout on the way home flow throughout the day. For better or worse, many of us even check our email when at the cottage or on vacation, it is that important to us.

With email being this important, why is it that so many businesses rely on old, outdated technologies or free email providers to provide such a critical business system? If your business email is provided by your Internet service provider – Rogers, Bell, AOL (yikes!) they are likely only providing POP email, an insecure and outdated technology from the 80’s! Having your email hosted at Hotmail, Yahoo or Gmail is not much different.

The Risks of Using an Outdated Email System


If you are using Outlook or another desktop application to access your email using these outdated systems, in particular if you are using POP, the only copy of your mailbox is on your local hard drive. This means that your inbox, any mail folders you have created, your sent email, all your “eggs are in one basket” on a small spinning disk within your computer.

Should anything happen to that drive, old age, a bump or a simple mechanical failure everything is lost. Try simulating it for a second, turn off your monitor and imagine that it will not go on again – how long before panic sets in?

Why IMAP and Web- Based Email Solutions Aren’t the Answer

Email is much too important to leave to chance. While IMAP and the Web-based solutions provide a little more protection, they too can leave you at risk and offer little of the value a modern email solution provides. Security, massive amounts of mail storage, access from anywhere, anytime on any device, true synchronization between multiple devices, shared calendars are just a few of the features your business needs to remain productive.

How to Check if Your Email Needs an Upgrade

Do a quick review of how you use your email today. If you are unable to access your mail from anywhere using a Web browser, require desktop software to sync your smartphone and email seems to “get lost” occasionally, it may be time to take a closer look at how this Important business system is configured within your business and seriously consider the improved function, security and value modern solutions like Office 365 would bring to your business.