POP Email: Five Reasons Why it’s Bad for Business

POP Email: Five Reasons Why it’s Bad for Business

If you have not asked or looked into how your email works lately it may be worth a look. Many small businesses today are still relying on email that uses Post Office Protocol (POP) to transfer critical business communications between clients and staff.

If you have issues with your email, the problem might be that you are using POP, and that is bad for your business. Here are five reasons why POP email is bad for business

1. POP email is outdated technology

It became a standard in 1984 with the most widely used iteration rolled out in 1989. To put it in other terms, the technology that you rely on for what may arguably be one of the most important functions in your business, communication, is of the era that radio stations and kids now days refer to as “Retro”.

2. POP email is insecure

Back in the 80’s viruses, phishing and organized crime sponsored malware were not the threat that they are today. Remember, this was still the era of the CD Walkman and cybercrime was a topic for movies. By default, POP email usernames and passwords are transmitted unencrypted in clear text. This means that anyone that has access to the network you are using, that wireless network at Starbucks for example, with a small amount of effort can capture your password and access your email. By the way, do you use that password anywhere else?

3. POP does not work across multiple devices

When POP was invented mobile phones were carried in shoulder bags and portable computers were the size of carry-on luggage. That anyone might use multiple devices to access and respond to email was just not a consideration. The result is that your email may or may not be accessible when you need it depending on where you accessed it last leading to lost time and frustration. Sound familiar?

4. POP mail lacks business features you need

Calendars, task lists and address books. While you may use these things with POP mail, they are likely local to a single device, enabled by 3rd party software and often cannot be shared with coworkers. A modern communications platform like Office 365 provides all of these features and much, much more securely, from anywhere at any time.

5.POP is not free

It may be included with an outdated Web hosting package – a topic for another day – or something you are paying for separately. While likely not a major business expense, it is money being spent on an inferior product. Modern, secure and feature filled alternatives that are available with prices that offer much greater value dollar for dollar.

If you are interested in moving away from POP email or you’re not sure what kind of email you have, please give us a call or click the link below to look at migrating to Office 365.