New Cloud Storage Taking Data Protection to New Heights

New Cloud Storage Taking Data Protection to New Heights

One of the big benefits of Cloud storage is how much it can offer you to protect your critical business data from the most common types of data loss and less common disasters.

If you do not have an offsite backup, there are tons of options out there. The only real big challenge you will have is the speed and quality of your internet connection. Unfortunately there are still many parts of the Greater Toronto Area that do not have inexpensive and high quality internet connections.

The Options for Data Protection in the Cloud

There are numerous options for using Cloud storage to protect your data. Firstly, you should have a backup at your office of any data stored locally and it should be replicated to the Cloud. Any strong backup software will do this. Just ensure you are backing up full servers and not just files in bits and pieces.

It is becoming more common that businesses have their file servers replicated to the Cloud for faster remote access and data protection. There are numerous ways to do this including one that’s incorporated into the newest version of Microsoft’s server operating systems.

Other Software for Cloud Storage and Data Protection

Many businesses are also using services like Dropbox or Microsoft’s OneDrive, which is part of Office 365. With these services you can have data stored both locally (cached) on your computer and in the Cloud.

There are some limitations here though, especially with Dropbox that will make them more challenging as businesses grow. They are a potential part of your toolbox for data storage and protection, particularly if you have remote workers or need to transfer a lot of large files.

SharePoint Online, also part of Office 365, is another option for using the Cloud for file storage. It takes some more work to set this up properly but there are huge benefits to having files organized, managed and hosted within SharePoint Online.

What to Watch For With Cloud Storage Options

There are horror stories out there about people using “Cloud storage” and finding out it’s in someone’s basement. Ensure you know where your data is going, how secure it is and what kind of processes are in place to protect it.

When it comes to Cloud storage and Cloud computing, our strong opinion is there are no one-size-fits-all solutions. The approach you take needs to be customized to your organization and it will likely be a hybrid approach between on premise equipment and Cloud-based storage.

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