4.5 Reasons Why Cloud Computing Works For Our Clients

4.5 Reasons Why Cloud Computing Works For Our Clients

We manage different Cloud Computing implementations every day for many clients but we regularly come across executives who are reticent to move parts of their business into the Cloud.

So I thought it might help to compile a list of reasons why many of our clients use Cloud Computing. (You can also reference our other blog, Five Ways Your Business Can Use Cloud Computing.

There is no shortage of reasons to move to the Cloud, but here are the top four and a half we’ve seen the most often. Please remember, there are many reasons not to move a certain application or service to the Cloud so make sure you do a full review first to ensure your Cloud decisions make the best sense for your particular organization.

1. Improve mobility

We are all increasingly mobile these days. Sales people are using tablets, everyone has a smartphone and more people work from home. Many Cloud-based applications or services allow you to connect from anywhere no matter the type of internet connection or if you are using a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop.

2. Get rid of big hardware and software bills

As business owners and executives, we all hate what those big hardware and software bills do to our cash flow. Many of our clients have turned to Cloud computing because it turns many IT services into predictable monthly costs spread out over years instead of big one-time hits.

3. Protect against downtime

Many organizations still run their critical email and applications on servers within their offices. The challenge with this is you are susceptible to power outages, internet problems and hardware failure. Also, when you run things in-house, the type of equipment you are using is not as good as what a Cloud provider would use. Hosting in the Cloud won’t mean you will never have downtime, it will just likely lead to less risk of it and if it happens, it won’t be for as long.

4. Improve performance

One of the big benefits of the Cloud is faster performance. You probably remember how fast things were running when you first installed that new server. Once it’s three or four years later, you will likely notice things dragging, taking longer to get done. With a strong Cloud provider, you shouldn’t see that because the high-end equipment being used is regularly refreshed behind the scenes to ensure fast performance

4.5 Save money (sometimes)

This item gets a half mark because it’s not always the case. We have seen just as many examples of people spending more money to move to the Cloud as those who spend less. While cost is always a concern, it shouldn’t be your main motivation to employ Cloud computing. Otherwise you may choose a substandard provider and have it cost you more in the long run. When looking at cost, factor in productivity, overall cost of ownership of your own equipment, and opportunity cost and then you will see more of the financial benefits of a move to the Cloud.

Just remember when you are looking to the Cloud, it is not a slam dunk decision. There are many factors to consider to ensure a Cloud migration makes sense for your business or organization. Do your homework, talk to a professional and plan it out!