Why Locking Down Office Computers Improves Efficiency

Why Locking Down Office Computers Improves Efficiency

Want to know one of the best ways to prevent computer problems, viruses and inefficient staff? Try locking down office computers and eliminating the ability of people to install software or make changes to their machine.

For a lot of businesses, implementing this type of change is going to be difficult. People are used to being able to make changes on their computers, install programs, toolbars and whatever other things (crap) they decide to put on their PCs. But the bottom line is those computers are corporate machines and should be used according to corporate policies.

Locking down computers means eliminating local administrator access on a computer so that a user cannot install software or make setup changes to the machine. Here are four benefits of locking down computers that will lead to higher efficiency in your office.

1. Prevent Viruses, Malware and Spyware by Locking Down Computers

It is quite easy for computer users (especially less proficient ones) to install malicious software unknowingly on their machines. If they do not have rights to install software, it will prevent infections.

2. Keep Computers Running Fast When Additional Unnecessary Programs Are Not Installed

Ever noticed how the longer you own a computer the slower it gets? That’s not necessarily because of the age of it. Over time without restrictions, users add new programs which lead to more startup items, desktop clutter and settings changes that will slow down a computer. Eliminating the ability to add anything to a computer will prevent this.

3. Fewer Computers Problems

Most computer users don’t understand the potential issues that can result from installing a piece of software and don’t do the appropriate research before putting it on their computers. By forcing users to have approval for new programs, it will lead to an IT professional researching that software before it’s implemented and saving a lot of headaches if there are known issues or conflicts between software.

4. Fewer Distractions

Let’s face it, we can all get distracted sometimes. The fewer potential distractions and non work-related programs on computers the better for productivity.

Aside from staff reaction, the other obstacle you will have to implementing this will be that some programs must run with local administrator rights which could prevent you from locking down a computer. There are strong solutions for this out there that can be implemented by your IT partner.

If you're ready to lock down your office computers or if you’re wondering if your machines are currently locked down, please contact us to schedule a full network audit. We’ll assess your systems and give you a full report of how things are setup.

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