What You Need to Know About the Huge Security Flaw in Apple Products

What You Need to Know About the Huge Security Flaw in Apple Products

Late last week Apple released a critical security update for its iPhones and iPads to protect them against a big security flaw that could lead to email, financial and other critical data being stolen.

If you have an iPad, iPhone or Mac computer, please read on for how you can protect your personal and company data.
Background on the Apple Security Flaw

Background on the Apple Security Flaw

Cryptography professor Matthew Green told the Globe and Mail the security flaw is “as bad as you can imagine.”

The flaw relates to how Apple devices using iOS operating systems recognize digital certificates on websites such as online banking, email and social networking. These websites use these certificates to secure web traffic so it can’t be stolen by hackers.

Programming in Apple operating systems is causing digital certificates not to be authenticated which means hackers can impersonate a website and intercept traffic. Hackers are also able to insert malicious web links to emails to control a computer.

Apple has released a fix for this for iPhones and iPads but is still working on the fix for its computers, which makes them still vulnerable. This vulnerability has reportedly existed for months and since it is now public, there is a race on to eliminate it before hackers and intelligence agencies can exploit it.

How to Protect Yourself Against the Apple Security Flaw

There are three things you can do to protect yourself against this security flaw.

1.Update your mobile devices – if you have not run the latest update from Apple, immediately go into Settings, General, Software Updates and run the update.
2.Do NOT use public Wi-Fi – this vulnerability can be exploited by hackers over public Wi-Fi such as in airports or in a Starbucks. Do not use a Mac computer or any mobile devices that haven’t been updated on public Wi-Fi.
3.Update your Mac computers – when Apple releases the security patch for computers as well, you should update them immediately. This update is expected soon but Apple has not given exact timing.