How to Sign PDF Documents on a Tablet or Smartphone

How to Sign PDF Documents on a Tablet or Smartphone

I was in a hotel room last weekend and used a tablet to sign a PDF document so that I could quickly send it back to the person who needed it. It took me less than five minutes so I wanted to share it with you.

Have You Needed to Sign Something Outside the Office Before?

I have had this issue many times where I’ve been at a hotel or conference (or even on vacation) and I’ve needed to sign a document. The usual approach is finding a business centre somewhere, printing it out, signing, scanning and sending it back or faxing it.

Usually it’s a time intensive process and quite frustrating. Well, I’m done with that now and moving forward I’ll be signing everything on my iPad. Here’s how I’m doing it.

Steps to Sign a PDF Document on a Tablet or Smartphone

I downloaded an app called SignNow, which allowed me to fill in the fields on a PDF form and then sign my name at the bottom. It literally took less than five minutes for the whole process to download the app, install it and fill out a PDF form. Then I just emailed the file back to the person I sent it to.

I didn’t even need to leave my hotel room. It was fantastic and free!

SignNow isn’t the only option. There are a number of apps that will do this, including DocuSign and SignEasy. These will have apps for both Apple and Android devices and you can logon to the Apple Store or Google Play to look at their reviews.

How to Use PDF Signing Apps in Your Business

There are so many opportunities to use this as part your company's IT approach. Think about your sales team or your day-to-day work and the time you spend printing and scanning or faxing contracts. If you need customers to fill out a form or sign a document, you could get them to do it on tablet instead of paper.

I’m sure there are many other opportunities for your business. I strongly suggest you download one of these apps and try it out!