Six Benefits of IT Outsourcing

Six Benefits of IT Outsourcing

IT outsourcing has become a common approach for small and medium-sized businesses who simply do not have the time to train and recruit in house technology experts.

If you are still on the fence about outsourcing your IT, here are six of the benefits many companies get from moving the responsibility and risk for their IT to an outside firm.

1. Improve Focus

IT outsourcing allows you to let your employees focus on your business and not technology. For an IT company, technology is their business. But for you, it's just a tool. Leave the IT issues to the experts, and let your employees and staff focus on the issues your business is about.

2. Pay for an Outcome Not an Employee

Hiring an outside IT firm allows you to get the best quality experts and focus on an outcome. Unlike an employment situation, where people are paid no matter what, outsourced IT people generally are paid only for work they actually accomplish or time they actually worked. No more paying for off time, downtime or paying no matter what the outcome.

3. Deal with Emergencies Better

Having an outside team allows you a quick solution to emergency setbacks. If you have a temporary shutdown or breach of security, you need immediate help. Having a specific IT company who does this work for you on a regular basis anyway allows you to connect quickly to a knowledgeable team who can deal with an emergency issue better than an in-house team, likely because they have experience doing it before.

4. Be Proactive Instead of Firefighting

The modern way of managing your IT is to take a proactive approach to problems before they start. There are great remote monitoring and management tools we use that allow us to provide an enterprise level of IT support at a small business price. The best way to deal with an IT issue is to prevent it in the first place. A good outsourced team will have the experience to prevent major issues so that you never have to deal with them.

5. Hire a Large IT Team for Less Than the Cost of A Full-Time Person

Think about the benefits of outsourcing to a 15-member IT team. You can access great advice from senior people. You can get assistance from a help desk to fix problems quickly. There are project experts and knowledgeable purchasing specialists. With a one or two-person internal team, you would never have this amount of knowledge but by hiring an outside team you have it at your finger tips.

6. Learn from Others Without Making Their Mistakes

IT specialists have the experience of dealing with many different issues, including seeing the mistakes other businesses have made with their IT. By outsourcing, you can protect your business from large virus outbreaks, data loss and poor purchasing decisions.

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