Five Tech Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Five Tech Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Who says tech gift ideas for Valentine's Day aren't Romantic? Let's face it. Not everybody is into the squishy side of love. A technical solution can be just right for that person whose pulse races at the news of a new iPhone or gadget.So if you're bored with giving chocolates and flowers, here are 5 techie gift ideas for Valentine's Day. You can also check out our Holiday gift ideas from December if you want more tech inspiration.

1. Accessories for Smartphones and Tablets

An accessory to a Christmas gift is one idea, such as a cover for the iPad, or the iPhone5. You can get a wide variety of designs ranging from poppies to peace signs to hearts to alligators, and prices range from $50 to $150. These covers are available almost everywhere, and the prices will vary widely from place to place.

2. Bluetooth and Noise-Cancelling Headphones

The Jabra Halo 2 is a streamlined headset that works as a Bluetooth with a phone or for music. It is very inconspicuous, and appropriate for either men or women.

It is available online in many places, including Amazon and e-bay. The price ranges from $60 to $100. Right now, it comes in off- black, but with its fashion features, colours may be on the way. Reviewers say that it is good for office or home use, but not for exercise or serious listening.

Another headphone with Bluetooth support is Parrot Zik, ($380-$400) rated well by the users at PC magazine.

Other brands of noise-cancelling headphones (without the Bluetooth) that rate well with PC reviewers are AKG K 490 NC (around $250) Bose Quiet Comfort (about $300), Able Planet Clear Harmony, which is good for musical sound (about $349) Bose Quiet Comfort 3, very small, good sound, good noise cancellation (about $350).

3. USB Flash Drive

Also available many places online, the Silicon Power Touch 851 is a sweet high-tech statement. It is a flashy jewelry-like bling-thing that is also useful for data. Available in 16 or 64 GB's, prices will range from below $20 to $45. It has lots of colors and while the reviews vary widely, they all liked the write speeds. It is not good for exposure to the elements, and the chain is delicate.

4. Digital Cameras

Is your love a photo-hound? Or just someone that likes to record events? There are lots of great digital cameras out there, including The Cannon PowerShot A3300, The Samsung Smart Camera series, the Sony Cyber-shot Dsc-w710, or the Nikon Coolpix S1200.

The new digital technology is exciting to work with as a photographer. The prices range from $80 to over $500, depending on how much your heart-throb knows and cares about this technology. All of the cameras will take a good basic photo, and all are available on Amazon.

The crew at Popular Mechanics (not known for their romanticism, but men love a rugged camera), liked the Casio EX-G1 ($230), The Kodak Play Sport ($150) and the Olympus Stylus Tough-8010 ($400). All prices are estimates.

5. Fitness Devices

If your loved one is watching their weight, then surely they would appreciate a Heart rate monitor watch more than a box of chocolates! (Well, in their better moments, anyway.) Polar FT7 has a lot of information, including the heart rate, whether you are burning fat, and the number of calories burned. It comes with a chest strap that you can wear during a work-out.

The watch is professional looking so that it won't look too "sporty" with business attire, and it is made for both men and women. This company makes other watches like this with more features, but this one got many good reviews. It is currently listed on Amazon for under $100.

Another great option that I have is the Fitbit which tracks your activity throughout the day and your sleep pattern. The apps can also track your eating and weight. It can sync through Bluetooth to your mobile devices or computer and it starts at $100 and up depending on what model you get.

Have a great Valentine's Day!