Why Updates on Computers and Mobile Devices are Important

Why Updates on Computers and Mobile Devices are Important

Ever wondered whether you should bother doing those updates on computers and mobile devices that periodically pop up? There are two big reasons why doing them is important – security and functionality.

Not updating operating systems, virus software and mobile app software can leave your business open to far too many overwhelming threats. Here's why you should take time to update right now if you've hesitated updating any of your systems for more than a month.

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Updates to Your Operating Systems

Perhaps you've been busy on your work computer and ignored the notices that come up on your PC or Mac asking you to update. While it's understandable how inconvenient it can be at times, most of these updates can be quietly done in the background.

The best way to do this is to have an IT company managing your updates remotely for you so you don’t get pop ups and your business security is not dependent on users click “yes” to run updates.

The same applies to Mac updates. No matter that Mac has a better track record against viruses, you shouldn't expect it to last forever. Upgrades will prepare you in the event Apple finds a new threat out there.

Not doing these updates can result in hackers possibly gaining access to your files due to security holes.

Both Windows and Apple frequently find vulnerabilities in Office and other standard software that need critical attention. These are usually indicated as critical on the updates.

Updating Your Virus Software

Not updating your virus software can be as dangerous as ignoring updates to your operating system. That's because the best virus software provides updates on the latest viruses threatening computers across the globe. Not updating any capability to detect these can leave you open to catching a virus through a phishing email or by clicking on a dangerous website.

Virus software can also be managed centrally by an IT services provider to ensure it is done effectively.

Updating Your Mobile App Software

This is something you may not think about doing. But it is emerging as an important part of mobile device security. These updates can also fix bugs that inevitably plague many new apps due to programming errors. If your business depends on certain apps in order to function when on the go, you don't want an app to freeze on you in the middle of use. It will also eliminate day-to-day frustrations for any apps you have for personal use.

Mobile applications are one area that it is still quite difficult to manage these centrally so it is important to educate your team to be running updates on their mobile devices regularly.

For the rest of your computer and network systems, you should check to see when the last time updates were applied. If you’re not sure, call us or click the button below and we can do a full Network Audit to see how your business is managing software updates.