The Best Computers for Business Use – What We Recommend

Our clients come to us regularly and ask about the best computers for business use. After over 30 years in the IT business, we recommend Lenovo.

We do this because we want to ensure our clients get speed, reliability and a low cost of total ownership from their technology purchases. Lenovo has become the leading seller of PCs in the world because they provide these three things.

Here are five benefits of using Lenovo technology.

1. Speed and Performance

We don't want anyone in our office waiting for applications to load or being inefficient because of their computer. Lenovo machines have the power to allow users to work quickly and effectively. Many of the new laptops have options for solid state hard drives that can improve performance even more.

2. Overall Reliability

One of the biggest mistakes people can make in buying a computer is to just look at the list price and opt to go with a cheap brand (like an Acer). The better decision is to look at the overall cost of ownership of a machine. We've been recommending Lenovos for the last six years and have found fewer issues over the lifetime of these computers than other manufacturers which leads to a lower cost of ownership.

3. Warranty Support and Service

Any computer you buy should have a three-year warranty at a minimum. That way if any parts fail during the life of the machine, you know you won't be on the hook for surprise repair costs. Lenovo warranties are low fuss and the service that comes with them is strong. We normally find warranty issues quick and painless to solve.

4. Quality Technical Design

We regularly send members of our team to Lenovo HQ or events they hold to see the latest advancements they have made in PC technology. Their machines are built to withstand quite a bit of torture. I have one that my four-year old has walked on several times without breaking it.

There are also some other useful design elements such as the ability to spill coffee on your machine without it causing major problems. Have a look at this video for more of a demonstration.

5. Choice

There is never one solution that fits everyone. We've found Lenovo business devices offer a choice of performance, size, portability and even the ability to mix notebook and tablet use.

If you need help with your computer purchasing decisions, we're happy to provide some advice. The first thing we always suggest is to do a full inventory of your computers to look at their age and operating systems. We do that as part of a network audit which you can request for free by calling us or clicking the link below.

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