Three Tips to Get Started with Free Microsoft Office Training

Three Tips to Get Started with Free Microsoft Office Training

Many things go into running a successful company and one of the most important aspects is having a trained and knowledgable team. Fortunately there is free Microsoft Office available that can help you increase training without hurting your bottom line.

Many employees struggle with some of the more advanced features of Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint or Outlook. offers targeted and feature-specific Office training for your staff that includes all of the Microsoft Office Products.

How to Get Started with Free Microsoft Office Training

1. Identify the Office Training Your Team Needs

Does your company use certain parts of Office software more than others; for instance, just Excel and Word? It is likely very specific to the type of job people are doing. For example an admin person might need to be good at mail merges while others in the office might benefit more from advanced Excel training.

The good thing is with, you can pick and choose what courses work best for your company. You can take them all, or just pick some of them that apply to your office staff. Click here to get started looking at the different software trainings.

2. Offer Different Ways of Learning

It is well known that many people learn differently than others. Some prefer documents with descriptions, and some prefer videos or images with step-by-step instructions. No matter what style of learning you prefer to give your employees, the free training on can cover all types.For example, here is a video for starting to use Microsoft Word. Additionally, you can click on just one area such as Microsoft Excel and start the course that gives you the entire overview and how-to’s on doing specific things.

Lastly, there are webinars that offer specific training on certain areas you may be interested in participating in. Click here to see an example of a PowerPoint webinar.

3. Administer Tests After Completing Courses

The best way to retain information is by offering assessments that cover the topics that were taught in the training. There is an option for users to test themselves on any subject they are trying to learn. For an example on a test, see how to use a PivotTable in Excel.

These tools should offer you a chance to get started in providing additional training for your staff. Microsoft Office training will help enhance their productivity, boost their professional development and give them more confidence with their day-to-day computer use.

To learn more about free Microsoft Office training or if you want to find other ways to boost the effectiveness of your IT services, please give us a call!