A Simple Solution for Email, Contacts and Calendar Not Syncing Between Different Devices

A Simple Solution for Email, Contacts and Calendar Not Syncing Between Different Devices

Most of us rely on mobile devices for working outside the typical office environment. With mobile phones, tablets and notebooks, we work regularly in multiple places on different devices but getting email, contacts and calendar data to sync is a common challenge.

We recently solved this issue for a client who with an office of about 20 people. One of the owners told us that for years he had been unable to rely on whether the information on his Blackberry was accurate. The solution? We implemented Office 365 and for the first time his email, contacts and calendar data was fully synced, no matter if he added new information on his computer, iPad or Blackberry.

Why Office 365 Solves the Syncing Problem Between Different Devices

file:///C:/Users/kap/AppData/Local/Temp/Temp2_hubspot_site_export_Wed_Jan_13_15_01_38_UTC_2016.zip/ca/techify/itsupportblog/what-is-office-365.html is cloud-based, which makes it easier to sync data between all of your mobile devices. Your contacts, email, and calendar will be available anytime, anywhere. Changes made at the office to your calendar, email, or contacts will be made to your phone, tablet or computer.

For example, if you are attending an important business luncheon and need to pull up a new contact added that morning at the office, with this cloud-based service you can obtain the information quickly, accurately, and securely. This is because Office 365 uses ActiveSync technology, which allows mobile devices to stay up to date in almost real time without needing to be plugged into a computer.

If your business is using email that is not Microsoft Exchange-based such as POP email or Gmail, you are likely having a challenge syncing your contacts, calendar and email changes. Both you and your staff are wasting precious time!

Other Benefits of Office 365

Besides the benefit of accurate and secure synchronization between devices, Office 365 hosted email means you don’t need an onsite office email server and the headaches of a big upgrade project every few years.

Other benefits of this cloud-based service:

  • Reduce the risk of your business going down due to an onsite server going down.
  • Microsoft Office available for mobile devices.
  • Valuable software included (Sharepoint, Lync, etc.).
  • Microsoft Office licensing included to get everyone on the same version
  • File-sharing with Skydrive.
  • No huge upfront costs.

If your business needs better synchronization of mobile devices plus the other benefits of the security, reliability and quality of Office 365, please click the link below to see if your IT network is ready for Office 365.

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