What to do When Your IT Person Resigns

What to do When Your IT Person Resigns

It's happened to the best of us.You come to the office, expecting it to be just another typical Wednesday morning. With your coffee in hand, you go to your office, and you happen to notice that your IT person hasn't showed up for work yet.

You're not ready to panic. In fact, you're sure he's just late, and he'll be in before too long. Then, you happen to see his resignation letter sitting on your desk.

That's when you begin to panic.

Whether he left in the middle of a huge networking overhaul, or he left when nothing major was happening with your office system, you know that you've relied on his help for the past year or so. This is a terrifying place to be.

So, what do you do when your IT person resigns?

First of all, take a big, deep breath. Even if your IT person left at a terrible time for your business, you're going to be OK. In fact, many companies don't even employ an on-site IT person. It's very typical for businesses to outsource their IT needs, and there's no reason why you can't do the same thing. Actually, outsourcing your IT needs has several advantages.

Outsourcing allows you to redirect a portion of the money you paid for your IT person's salary back into your company. Keeping an IT person on staff is very expensive, especially when you consider the fact that you don't always need to use him. Also, your IT person might have been trained, but how experienced was he? Was there ever a time when he needed to call upon a colleague to assist him in figuring out a problem? If so, that probably cost you even more money. "Trained" doesn't equal "experienced", and it's best to work with a professional who is experienced in every area of IT support.

Unless you have invested thousands of dollars in your on-site IT person's continuing education, it's likely that he wasn't up to par on all of the new technology that's emerging every single day. There are very few single IT people who have the breadth of knowledge and skills to be able to provide a business with the support and advice that's needed.

In short, just because your IT person has resigned, that doesn't mean that your business is doomed. This is actually an excellent opportunity for you to turn your business in a new direction.

Maybe you were thinking that response times when people had issues were a little slow - now you can address that. Or maybe you did not have full confidence in your backup and disaster recovery system - now you can get a best practices system in place to protect your business.

Outsourcing your IT needs makes a lot of sense, and you'll quickly reap the rewards of working with trained and experienced professionals who not only understand exactly what you need to get your job done, but who also know a lot about new technology.

It is a lot quicker to hire an IT firm with a proven set of best practices than to recruit, hire and train a new IT guy.

If you have just found out your IT guy is leaving, take a deep breath and give us a call. We deal with this sort of situation all the time and can guide you through it. We will even do a free network audit and give you a draft IT plan within a week.

You won't get that from anyone you are interviewing!