How to Implement a Help Desk to Improve Efficiency

How to Implement a Help Desk to Improve Efficiency

One of the most productivity-sapping things for any business is technology problems. That's why implementing a help desk can be a great way to improve efficiency.

Ideally, you should have a network setup where you don't have recurring technical problems and instead you just need the odd problem fixed or things like setting up new users handled effectively.

The thing that separates success from failure when issues come up is having a well-functioning Help Desk you can call on to fix issues quickly and effectively. There is a huge productivity boost when IT support requests are dealt with right away and your team can get back to work as soon as possible. That's why many small and medium-sized businesses implement a help desk to improve efficiency by outsourcing their IT support.

We all know how annoying it is to have issues that take forever to get fixed. Here’s what a Help Desk should be able to do for you to avoid that:

1.Have multiple people available to help you at any given time.
2.Be able to handle most issues remotely by logging onto your computer to improve response and resolution time.
3.Allow you to call in and speak “live” to a member of the technical team who will start working on your issue right away.
4.Give you the option of providing 24/7 support if that’s what your business needs.
5.Have detailed documentation on the different parts of your IT systems including all applications so when an issue arises it can be quickly fixed.
6.Be staffed with strong communicators so your staff don’t struggle understanding what is going on and the communication and follow up for your issue is strong.
7.Have a manager in place for escalations in case members of the team don’t feel their issue has been dealt with effectively.
8.Give you a skilled team with different levels of skills and expertise at different tiers of the Help Desk.
9Have dedicated onsite team members to help staff should issues not be able to be dealt with remotely.

There are various best practices for Help Desks, including one out of England called ITIL. Any IT partner you’re speaking to should know ITIL principles and tell you whether they are using them or not in their Help Desk operations.

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