Fewer Computers and More Tablets Being Bought this Year

2013 could be the year many people forget about their home computer and spend most of their time on a tablet device, according to a new survey by Gartner Inc.

On the corporate side, we’re seeing more tablets being used in offices across the GTA in addition to work PCs, however this study predicts that at home, consumers will be getting rid of their PCs altogether.

It’s an interesting but not unsurprising trend that we’re seeing. Gartner expects 2.4 billion worldwide devices to be shipped this year, a 9 percent increase from last year. That’s PCs, tablets and mobile phones.

What is changing is the mix between these devices. Desktop and notebook sales are expected to decline by 7.6 percent while tablet sales will increase by 70 percent over last year.

What’s this Mean for Your Business?

There are some implications of this that I’d urge you to consider when you are making technology decisions for your company.

First, consider that your staff may start looking for ways to do work on a tablet at home instead of on a PC or they may expect you to supply them with a notebook to take home.

Your team is going to be increasingly tablet-aware and this will ease the integration of tablets into your office for business reasons. It can even be seen as a benefit to your team to give them a tablet they can also have for personal use.

Also important are the security considerations this brings. Just like when computers are connecting to your network, you need to make sure the tablets connecting are secure and you have some control over your corporate data. There are various ways to ensure passwords are implemented on these devices and there is an ability to remotely wipe data if there’s ever an issue.

Lastly, you should keep in mind that the leading operating system for tablets and smartphones is Android and will continue to be this year. Apple’s iOS and Windows are battling for second place and Blackberry isn’t even on the map in the tablet world.

That likely means the most functional tablets will be Android-based with iPads and Windows-based machines also being an option. Regardless of which one you prefer, you’ll likely have to support all of them for your team. Make sure your infrastructure and Help Desk is ready to support them.

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