Do you need 8GB of RAM in your computer?


When I quote out computers to my clients, I ensure that they always have at least 8GB of RAM in their desktops or laptops. Several of my clients have wondered about this practice at TDCNet. I wanted to explain the reasoning behind our recommendation.

As applications get more and more advanced, they need more and more memory and resources in order to function efficiently. For example, Microsoft 2003 requires a minimum of 128MB of RAM in order to be functional, whereas Microsoft 2013 requires at least 2GB RAM in order to work. In order to optimize them, you would need to increase the amount of memory (RAM) that you have present in your computer.

In addition, the more applications that you have open at one time, the more memory you would need in order to do all your work efficiently. It isn’t fun when you are trying to open several programs at once, and your computer slows down, or stop responding. If you are using memory-intensive applications like Adobe Photoshop or Premier Pro, then you definitely need lots of RAM Zdnet recommends 12GB as a minimum for running Adobe applications, given that they are now 64-bit and can really chew through RAM).

Increasing the amount of RAM is also a cheap way to increase the speed of some of your older computers, if you do not have the budget to replace them outright. How much would this cost you? Well, RAM is cheap. You can pick up an extra 4GB of RAM for around $50. Unsure of your options and would like to chat with us about RAM upgrades or other IT-related conundrums, call us at (416)913-8998 or e-mail us. If you are interested in learning more about our IT services, please click here.

Written by TDCNet

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